Summer Spectacular Bucket List


2016 Summer Bucket List:

  1. Trip to Napa
  2. See the Dixie Chicks in concert with my sisterIMG_7763
  3. Hike at least 3 new places in Oregon
  4. Plan epic road trip
  5. Build Poteger Garden in front yard
  6. Build a fire pit in back yard
  7. Spend time relaxing on the deck
  8. Horseback riding with Paige
  9. Go paddle boarding
  10. Spend some time on the Oregon Coast

My kiddos just finished school this past week.  I’ve had summer on my brain and my soul just screaming for the fun and freedom of summer.  I have been thinking a lot lately about wanting to be more present and to seize the day.  I am feeling time slip away as my kiddos are in middle school and high school.  I honestly think there are days where I can literally feel the sand of the hour glass slipping through my hands.  I happened to sit in on a live chat with a fabulous women’s leadership group I belong to and it was all about how to have an awesome summer.  One of the things I had already started was a bucket list for summer.  While there are several things that are just what I want to do, there are several that are more family oriented or at least the whole crew can enjoy.  I mean who doesn’t love eating fresh produce from the garden and hanging by the campfire roasting marshmallows right?IMG_7497 2

On the list on how to have an awesome summer was to hold a family meeting and ask each person one thing they want to do this summer.  Wow what a cool idea!

Also on the list, pick a theme for the summer.  Now I’m all about themes.  I picked a theme for the year so this one was right up my alley. I got pretty darn excited about that one and figured it might also be a good way to keep me focused and in the moment of enjoying every second of the glorious summer months and help to zero in on some of the cool stuff we wanted to do as a family.  Our theme is…Family Fun First!  On the bucket list are things that relate to each person in our family and one thing they really want to do.  It’s a good start to creating an epic family summer full of fun.IMG_7392

I am excited to share more with you as we work our way down the bucket list.  Napa is first up and it was a trip that did not disappoint.

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